Company Profile

Hindania Spices Pvt. Limited is a professional managed company having many food technologists and scientists in the top rank first line management.
We are specialists in the manufacturing processing, packing and marketing, exporting of herbs, spices and seasonings products . Our customers include mostly leading retail and wholesale distribution, supply chain, super markets, malls, foodservice companies as well as many food manufacturers. Our specialism in herbs and spices will continue to be the driving force in everything that we deliver.

Customer Service

We offer a complete line of culinary herbs , spices and seasonings,dehydrated onion and garlic products, a large variety of spice blends in consumer packs , customized packaging, institutional packaging, bulk pack and private labeling. Our samples are available upon request. We adhere to stringent consistent quality standards.

Our ability to act quickly to meet individual needs in a rapidly changing world is based upon the flexibility of our automization of manufacturing , processing and packaging plant and machineries and our total commitment to customer service.
We offer much more than simply recognising the importance of an efficient time bound delivery service. Our team sets out to offer a tailored service to all our customers,

Mission and Vision

We adhere to the honesty, integrity, and transparency with quality first and customer supreme attitude as basic principles of our business. We strive to identify new taste trends and predict market changes before they happen. The expertise that we have in our field enables us to keep pace with the ever-changing palette of the globe by constantly developing original and fresh ideas in the application of herbs and spices.