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Hindania Spices Private Limited is an Indian origin Spice Company with it’s headquarters in Mumbai, India.

This Company is mainly engaged in manufacturing and exporting , supplying of various superior quality Indian whole fresh natural pure spices, Pure ground spices, Spice blends,and distributing herbs and spices and seasoning products. Integrity, Innovation , research and development ,food safety and standards are its major properities.

It has continuously tried to innovate, bring in new products in to it’s fold. It has been able to win the loyalty and confidence of customers worldwide. The company has wide range of successful brands and products in the food sector and an increasingly strong presence in advanced research and technology , a significant supplier of branded and non branded grocery products.

The company has adequate infrastructure and huge capacity to manufacture, process, export various spices according to the requirement of customers. Our aim is to concentrate our capabilities, expertise on food market where we can establish a leading position.